Transportation Carriers of the Year Awards from Thomasholmes Showcase AAA Cooper Transportation and SAIA LTL Freight

Thomasholmes Inc. is a freight logistics company servicing those in the manufacturing and distribution industries, optimizing freight expenditures through proprietary freight management software and services as well as positive collaboration and negotiation with carrier partners. Thomasholmes announced two select carrier partners to be the winners of the inaugural and annual Thomasholmes Transportation Carriers of the Year Awards.

In order to determine a winner of the Carrier of the Year awards, the Thomasholmes carrier relationship management team developed criteria based on two sets of factors. The first set evaluated: on-time delivery percentage claims, invoicing criteria, and partnership. The second set evaluated ease of doing business and technology.

With criteria factors in place, the Carrier Relations team and Thomasholmes leadership went through our carrier partners’ data, which was made available through our robust freight management software, the Thomasholmes Rater. Thomasholmes decided to present a “Best in Class” winner and a “Strategic Partner” winner based on these criteria.

The winner of the Thomasholmes “Best in Class” Carrier of the Year award is . AAA Cooper received the “Best in Class” award because they stood out in all four major categories of the first set of evaluated factors, truly serving as a great carrier partner for Thomasholmes and Thomasholmes customers. Thomasholmes views carriers as business partners, and for AAA Cooper to hit such high marks in these categories allows Thomasholmes to pass better service onto customers.

The winner of the Thomasholmes “Strategic Partner” Carrier of the Year award is . SAIA was one of the first carriers Thomasholmes brought onto their carrier network when the company was founded in 1997. Coupling SAIA’s outside the box thinking with technology and Thomasholmes’ logistics philosophy of continuous improvement and innovative technology, choosing SAIA as “Strategic Partner” was a no brainer.

“We truly view our carriers as our partners. It’s imperative to stay collaborative with our carrier partners in order to better advocate for our shippers and to create a sustainable business model, “ said Carrier Relations Manager, Amy Cook. “Thomasholmes’ goal is to remain proactive with carriers, not only reaching out at rate negotiation time or when we need something as they are our business partners.”

Thomasholmes will present the “Strategic Partner” award to Saia in Dallas, Texas, on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, and present the “Best in Class” award to AAA Cooper in Dothan, AL, on March 27.

About Thomasholmes:
Founded in 1997, Thomasholmes is a top freight logistics company and truckload freight broker. Thomasholmes (and our shippers) leverage proprietary web-based freight management software, the Thomasholmes Rater, developed from the ground up by our dedicated technology team to ship LTL Freight, Truckload Freight, and small package. In addition to this powerful, customer-centric freight management software, Thomasholmes offers full support to our shippers for both inbound and outbound freight, our shippers’ vendors, and ultimately our shippers’ customers through dedicated and integrated freight management services.

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Adam Robinson
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Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson
  • Very solid carriers! I like them both!

    • admin

      Thanks for the comment, Joe! SAIA and AAA Cooper rock!

  • Great carriers! I like them both!

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