In Industrial Marketing (and in most Business Categories), Content is King Of the World

Industrial Marketing: The Challenge of Effective Content Marketing

When I came to Thomasholmes, I knew one of the most important aspects to successful and sustainable digital marketing, was content marketing.  Many business owners and marketers, especially those in industrial marketing, struggle with a lot of their marketing elements, such as email marketing, webinar content, press releases, and more. It’s a grind to know what to distribute into social media. However, if you can figure out the magical secret of creating content, it makes all those other things easier because you already have content to repurpose in those other marketing mediums. Furthermore, these same business owners and marketers usually fail at content marketing, because in order to create content on a regular basis, you have to work it almost every day in order to be successful. It’s much like a workout plan. You ahve to keep the end in mind (site visits, inbound leads) and focus on daily tasks to get to that ultimate result.

The 30 Day “Create Better Content” Challenge

industrial marketing 2930-cretive-Challenge_ContentAbout 5 weeks ago, I came across a digital marketing company located here in Dallas, TX: . I first became aware of their blog when I saw and was reminded I need to get serious about it. Then, they had a series where they challenged themselves to write a new blog post  with the tagline of “Create Better Content”. And, then I was convinced, it was time to get serious about content marketing. Since I work for a B2B, I was inspired, but decided to try and do it every business day for 30 days. This Post marks the 36th day in a row for the Thomasholmes blog, and we plan on keeping it going! In fact, we will cover the successes from this every business day blogging adventure on a !

So, in an effort to inspire Industrial Marketing folks and those in the to start focusing on content, we give you below the post that inspired me to get serious: “Content Is King of the World” written by Carly Rowe. Carly Rowe is cofounder of 2930 Creative, a digital marketing agency in Dallas, Texas. If you are in the need of a full service digital marketing agency,!

Content is King Of the World – By Carly Rowe, Co-Founder and VP Of Digital Strategies

industrial marketing-king-of-the-world-300x213A quick word on content marketing…

There is a familiar saying in my industry that goes “Content is king.” With social media, content marketing is more relevant than ever. Businesses are rushing to hire content writers and bloggers. In a time where more than half of America gets their news and information online, with another 75% using social sites to share said information, content is king of the world.

Of course, with the abundance of information readily available at the click of a mouse, content marketing becomes a double edged sword. The world has caught on, so how does your content float above the rest?

The solution? Create engaging content. Don’t create bland content because you feel like you should; create exciting content because it’s something that’s exciting to either you or your target audience. If you wouldn’t want to read a whole blog post about it, why would your target audience and customers?

Dare to be engaging, dare to be exciting, dare to be different.

Use content as a way to set yourself apart from the rest, not because it’s a trend you think you should follow.

TwentyNine Thirty is a  that knows content marketing, and wants to help you create engaging content for your business. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

Let us know in the comments if you are doing content marketing and any tips you may share as an industrial marketing professional!

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