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Yesterday we put on a 60 minute webinar entitled, “The Value of a TMS and Logistics Services for Effective Inbound Logistics Management.” We had a great turnout with over 100 logistics managers, supply chain officers, and those in the transportation world registering and attending the webinar.  Below you can download the Inbound Logistics Management presentation with notes and also view the webinar in its entirety.

The Value of a TMS and Logistics Services for Effective Inbound Logistics Management

In the webinar we covered the following material around best practices for inbound logistics management:

The 45 to 60 minute webinar on how to combine both technology and expertise to tackle ever increasing inbound freight costs will cover the following material:

  • An Introduction to the Landscape of How Big is the Problem of Inbound Freight Management
  • 3 Challenges Logistics Executives Face in Inbound Freight Shipping
  • 8 Objectives to Consider and 4 Areas of Focus for Confident Inbound Freight Management
  • How TMS Automation Aids in Inbound Freight Management and What to Require in a TMS
  • The Advantage of Combining both expert service and technology for Inbound Freight Management
  • Introduction to “Who is Thomasholmes?”
  • Conclusion and Wrap Up
  • Q&A Session

“Our freight desk, manned by our team of inbound freight routing specialists, handles more than 1,000 phone calls per week managing and processing inbound freight and optimization for our customers,” said Ginny Devlaminck, Freight Desk Manager. “Our inbound freight routing specialists work with our customers’ suppliers and anyone inbounding freight to our customers. It takes a tremendous amount of burden off our shippers saving them both process time and money, as all inbound freight is routed through our proprietary TMS.”

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Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

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