[WHITE PAPER] The Complete Guide for Shippers to Process & Master Freight Claims

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Fill out the form below to access the freight claims white paper. In this Thomasholmes White Paper shippers will learn the following:

  • freight claims guideFreight Claims Introduction: The Laws and What are The 4 Types of Freight Claims
  • Freight Insurance vs Freight Liability: Knowing the Difference For Freight Claims
  • 5 Tips to Mitigate Freight Damage and Freight Claims
  • The Importance of How to File a Freight Claim & 6 Main Steps of Successful Freight Claims
  • Decrease Time on These 7 Freight Claim Time Wasters
  • Best Practices to ensure You Realize the Fullest Amount Possible for your Freight Claim
  • 8 Most Common Reasons Why You May Receive a Freight Claim Declination Letter
  • 5 Freight Claim Answers That Every Claimant Should Know
  • How Expertise and Technology Eases the Burdens of Freight Claims

It’s been said that the one area that most shippers are the least knowledgeable in is that of claims for freight loss and damage. However, this does not mean that an understanding of freight claims isn’t vital to running an efficient transportation and logistics department.

Freight Claims in Plain English

The late William J. Augello, co-author of , had a passion about this topic as few others have. I believe that there are at least two reasons why Bill felt so strongly about the importance of understanding claims. The first reason is financial. Unrecovered claims have a direct impact upon the bottom line of a company—and the tougher the economic times and thinner the margins the greater the impact. As depicted in the accompanying chart, if your company operates at a 5 percent profit margin, to recoup the net revenues that would be lost by failing to recover a $1,000 cargo claim, it would have to generate $20,000 in sales! Second, Bill believed that this knowledge is vital for shippers because they’re on their own when it comes to claims. For carriers, whose core business is transportation, the processing of claims is an integral part of their business, and all but the smallest of carriers are quite knowledgeable and very competent when it comes to defending against claims. For most retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, the transportation function is an unwanted headache—and claims represent a migraine. However, just because something is difficult does not mean that it can be ignored. George Pezold, co-author with Bill of Freight Claims in Plain English, emphasizes that: “Knowledge of the basic legal distinctions and the applicable laws and regulations is critical in dealing with cargo claims.”

Look to Outsource Freight Claims Management to a Knowledgable 3PL

Remember, when dealing with freight claims, there are many legal implications. A 3PL can handle freight claims management for you, as they are set up with the correct certifications and have expertise in not only resolving the complex world of freight claims but experience in carrier relations to get it done legally correct and quickly on your behalf. Ultimately, whether or not a 3PL is handling freight claims for you, as a shipper, this white paper will arm you with the knowledge you need to file freight claims from beginning to end and a few best practices and tips to get the best possible experience and achieve your desired outcomes when managing and processing freight claims. Thomasholmes freight claims management services are included simply by being a Thomasholmes customer. It is in Thomasholmes’s, their shippers’, and Thomasholmes carrier partners’ best interests to fully investigate and resolve freight claims. Thomasholmes offers the following freight claims services:

  • Process all freight claims from beginning to end.
  • Work as a liaison on behalf of our customer, working with our carrier partners and providing transparent communication throughout the entire freight claims process.
  • Provide proactive education to shippers, consignees, and carriers to decrease future freight claims by empowering all parties with the knowledge of what a freight claim is, how to avoid future damage, and ensure freight claims are resolved.
  • Keep all parties compliant by following all policies and regulations of customers, carriers, and industry standards.
  • Process checks and ensure all parties are paid in a timely manner when a claim is resolved.
  • Proactively follow up on claims status to resolve them within the 90-day freight claims window.
  • Educate all parties in the case of a denied claim.
  • Offer freight claims expertise, taking the burden and anxiety away from our customers when it comes to freight claims due to the thousands of processed claims and man hours put into proper freight claims management.

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