[WEBINAR] The Big Benefits of Using Technology to Effectively Manage Transportation Reverse Logistics

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Thomasholmes, an expert technology solutions and transportation management service provider invites you to a 60 minute Webinar titled “The Big Benefits of Using Technology to Effectively Manage Transportation Reverse Logistics” to air live on September 30th, 2015 at 2 PM CST.

You can register for the webinar by visiting .

Mastering Transportation Reverse Logistics Starts with Education, Then a Strategy of How RevLog Fits with Traditional, and Technology to Execute

Here at Thomasholmes, we think it’s important that our clients and customers understand that transportation reverse logistics (or reverse logistics in general for that matter) is much more than just a flashy buzzword. It’s an integral part of helping your company thrive in today’s competitive business world. A key part of that is that you fully understand not only what reverse logistics involves and how it can help you, but what its history is.

Reverse logistics really does go back further than most people realize. The key reason that it’s only now getting the attention it deserves is through the development of transportation reverse logistics programs that help improve efficiency throughout the process.

We hope you are able to join us Wednesday, September 30th at 2 PM CST.

Why Should You Attend This Transportation Reverse Logistics Webinar?

This webinar is perfect for those who are looking to secure the benefits realized of a transportation reverse logistics capability, such as:

  • Decreasing the total costs of freight and transportation in the reverse logistics process as you hand off routing and other time-sensitive issues in transportation reverse logistics to a partner
  • Consolidation – the consolidation of multiple returns into one shipment further reducing costs
  • Centralized management suite that is built on ease of use and plugged into a robust transportation management system
  • Increase customer satisfaction from tighter transportation reverse logistics processes

What Will You Learn in this Educational & Comprehensive Reverse Logistics Webinar?

Turn your transportation reverse logistics practice into a profit webinar, you will learn the following:

  • Brief Overview of Thomasholmes
  • What is Reverse Logistics?
  • The Current Reverse Logistics Landscape
  • A Closer Look At “The Why” Of Reverse Logistics
  • Comparing Traditional Logistics Flow To Reverse Logistics Flow
  • Transportation Reverse Logistics Are More Than Just Buzzwords
  • The History of Reverse Logistics
  • E-Commerce And It’s Huge Impact On Reverse Logistics
  • The Aftermarket Auto Industry And The Use Of Transportation Reverse Logistics
  • The Big Benefit Of Transportation Reverse Logistics
  • Why Reverse Logistics Systems and Transportation Management Should Be Considered Together
  • Thomasholmes Reverse Logistics Technology Product Capabilities

We hope you are able to join us for the “The Big Benefits of Using Technology to Effectively Manage Transportation Reverse Logistics” Wednesday, September 30th at 2 PM CST. Again, you can register by visiting .

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Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

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