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Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog from , a complete metal parts manufacturing house with a proud history of quality products, service and performance. Like Valco Valley Tool & Die, we are ardent readers of the manufacturing industry and blogosphere. Many of the folks listed below are companies and twitter accounts we interact with daily. We were honored to be a part of this list and thank Valco for not only putting it together but allowing us to republish it to share such a great resource to our readers. We hope you get as much value out of these blogs as we do!

The Top 20 Manufacturing Industry Blogs

Like many industries, manufacturing is a sector that is constantly evolving. For certain procedures, what was considered industry-standard twenty or thirty years ago is outdated, and in another few decades these procedures may well change again.

This is why it’s vital to stay well-versed within your field. If you want to stay up-to-date with new methods and anticipate those emerging, being a regular reader of the top manufacturing blogs is important. It’s a surefire way to keep abreast of the competition, and sometimes, ahead of them.

Luckily, we’re here to help, as we’ve compiled the 20 best manufacturing blogs for you to keep tabs on:

  1.  – Overseen by Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), this blog strives to be a key resource for manufacturers, industry experts and the public at large. ()
  2.  – A blog operated by the non-profit Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), this site seeks to educate manufacturers and create new industry jobs through advocacy. ()
  3.  – This site provides a complete portfolio of online manufacturing materials, with resource guides, multi-sponsored e-newsletters, two daily newsletters and sponsored webcasts. ()
  4.  – This nationally-recognized blog is a leader in advocacy for energy and labor policy matters, trade and regulation, and legal reform within manufacturing. ()
  5.  – With a focus on the economic aspects of the manufacturing industry, this site is a must-read to stay current. ()
  6.  – A terrific local blog with a focus on Ohio industrial concerns, this site is ideal for seeing how changes in the industry affect the common worker. ()
  7.  – Another local manufacturing blog with strong content, MMTC works to protect the rights of Michigan manufacturers and keep those in the industry informed. ()
  8. Thomasholmes – Run by a transportation management service, this blog features articles covering many aspects of industrial work, but particularly focuses on the automotive trade. ()
  9.  – Great for seeing the point-of-view and concerns of those on the factory floor, this blog features a heavy machinery emphasis. ()
  10.  – With an overarching focus on industry news, this blog’s comprehensive content makes it one of the best manufacturing blogs you’ll find. ()
  11.  – This blog features articles on topics ranging from aerospace and defense to automotive to the food & beverage industry. ()
  12.  – A site dedicated to helping Nebraskans enter the manufacturing trade, this blog expands beyond those confines to offer up nationwide industry news. ()
  13.  – Don’t let the odd name fool you. This blog, concentrated on the exciting, emerging world of 3D printing, is a vital tool for the changes coming to manufacturing. ()
  14.  – Another great 3D printing blog. This is a good resource to cross-reference with Fabbaloo. ()
  15.  – For the at-home-tinkerers as well as the experimenters, this blog gives a great overview to techniques you might have overlooked or never considered. ()
  16.  – Though this government site isn’t updated as swiftly as some others, the information is in-depth and thoroughly researched. ()
  17.  – This strongly-presented site aims to focus on issues faced by women in the manufacturing field as well as give those same women a platform and needed voice, making it a top manufacturing blog. ()
  18.  – Centered on those vital players in the manufacturing trade – engineers – this site offers a wide variety of tools and insightful industry news beyond the useful blog. ()
  19.  – A comprehensive and expertly-crafted resource for industry insiders, this blog looks at the effects of globalization in the manufacturing trade. ()
  20.  – Like Energy.gov, this site is sporadically updated, but when updates do come they’re incredibly thorough in their presentation. ()

So there you have it, 20 of the best manufacturing blogs you should be following.

We hope these sites provide you with valuable insights about the manufacturing industry and its current/future practices. And if you have other great manufacturing industry blogs that you read, be sure to !

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Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

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