[e-Book] How to Work with a 3PL, The Benefits of a 3PL, & the Future Trends of the 3PL Industry

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We introduce you to part 2 of our e-book series The Essential Guide to Third Party Logistics. In this installment, we’ll talk about How to Work with a 3PL, The Benefits of a 3PL, & the Future Trends of the 3PL Industry. Download by filling out the form below & read the introduction below the form!

The ongoing rebound of the U.S. economy has given way to a period of rapid change within the third-party logistics (3PL) sector. Arguably more diversified and sophisticated than ever, the 3PL sector is seeing an emergence in more 4PL partnerships, resulting in deeper, more strategic relationships. This shift comes as a result of the challenges 3PL organizations are currently facing in the marketplace—from greater reliance on just-in-time inventory and the increasing role and reliance of technology and value added services.

But, with any procurement or outsourced partnership, after you’ve successfully on boarded the partner, in this case a 3PL, you then have to make sure that not only is the 3PL giving you the shipper the most value, but you must also hold the 3PL accountable and effectively manage the relationship. We outline in several portions in the first chapter how shippers and 3PLs can work better together to achieve their shared goals of reducing overall costs thru efficiency and the use of technology & value added services.

Beyond working with a 3PL and getting the maximum outcomes shippers desire, you also must understand what benefits you are to expect by working with a 3PL. Some benefits are obvious (taking the burdens of shipping complexity off your hands) but a few benefits will surprise you (such as collaboration that yields benefits beyond just transportation management within your business).

Finally, as a shipper or someone in the industry, where is the 3PL industry going? What will they offer shippers to continue the stated benefits today and for years to come? You’ll read about some interesting developments to come in the 3PL industry.

Download this second of two new e-books we released this month on the essentials of working with a 3PL, what benefits to expect and look out for, and what the future holds for shippers working with 3PLs.

Adam Robinson

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Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

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