It can often be tricky selecting the correct plastic pallets for your business. There are so many different factors to take into account which is why Plastic Pallets in the UK have produced this .

It contains everything you could possibly want or need to know about plastic pallets.

The ULTIMATE Guide to Plastic Pallets

The first factor to take into account is which type of pallet you’ll want to use. There are which have different variations; stackable and nestable. Both have different advantages and which on you decide on will depend on what you require.

Plastic pallets also come in a whole host of different sizes and colors which you’ll need to consider when selecting. After all, will you need a Euro Pallet, Standard Pallet or even a non-standard pallet?

The different colors can also be used to help identify different shipments in your logistics network for instance.

Similar to wooden pallets, plastic pallets have different weight capacities. The purpose of the pallet will have an effect on which one you choose, as pallets have different weight capacities for static loads, dynamic loads and racking loads.

As well as design and weight capacity you’ll need consider as these will influence which pallets you required.

One of the great things about plastic pallets is that they’re incredibly easy to clean and maintain and typically last much longer than their wooden cousins.

If you’re currently in the procurement process and finding it difficult to decide, you might want to review the advantages of plastic pallets as well as these !


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