Customer Service Representatives (CSRs)


The responsibilities of a Freight Customer Service Representative are numerous, but is summed up in one phrase: Proactive Problem Solving. Thomasholmes Freight Customer Service Representatives have a problem solving mindset and are dedicated to always giving availability to our shippers. Each Thomasholmes shipper is assigned a Freight Customer Service Representative, with their contact information always available on the home page of our transportation management system, the Thomasholmes Rater. Specifically, Thomasholmes Freight Customer Service Representatives are responsible for:

  • Audit all shipper freight invoices
  • Advocate for shippers with carriers to correct variances found on invoices, providing communication to all parties
  • Freight claims management
  • Manage and correct accessorials

Essentially, as the front line of service to our shippers, Freight Customer Service Representatives relieve your headaches around freight. You may have 100 things to worry about, but our job is to make sure you have 99 after you talk to a Thomasholmes Freight Customer Service Representative. It is our job to get the issue resolved.

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