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Our Truckload & Volume freight team performs a valued service to our shipper customers. If you've ever managed Truckload or Volume freight, you know it takes an extraordinary effort to find a driver, post a load, follow up with bids, call and follow up in transit, and finally, understand if the rates your quoted are good and if the carrier even meets a certain threshold of safety! Add all that up, and our team of experts not only handle these services for Thomasholmes shippers but handle them well and with a smile!

Shipping is a huge expense shippers and anyway they can save a few hundred dollars per shipment, that is money right to their bottom line. In short, our creative team gives options for creative shipping!

Duties performed by Truckload & Volume Freight Team

  • Source & Procure Full trucks to move freight for our shipper customers
  • Procure Quality Carriers: Check out Carrier Safety, Vehicle Maintenance, Hours of Service, Driver Fitness, and substance use ratings to make sure that they are good quality carrier
  • Get Proper Insurance: The Truckload team also takes a look at the insurance offered. If the carrier doesn't have enough insurance for the shipment, we are able to reach out and get additional insurance as a cost to the customer
  • Compare volume quotes and rates vs. the standard LTL rates already negotiated with carriers for our shippers:  If shippers have time to receive the product we can save them a lot of money via volume rates. This side by side comparison is invaluable when it comes to reducing transportation costs for our shippers.
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Inefficient transportation management
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