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order management system

In modern order fulfillment, the demand for an order management system is unparalleled. Prior to the rise of e-commerce, orders were handled through faxes and direct mail. However, the growth of e-commerce and Big Box retailers required systems that could streamline the entire process, getting more orders processed with fewer delays.

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Slotting Optimization

As the number of products being sold has increased, the demand for superior warehouse control has grown. For your company, this means you need to make sure every space in your warehouse is maximized for efficiency and optimization. In fact, slotting optimization in warehouses can lead to the following benefits for your company.

1. Increased Picking Productivity With Slotting Optimization.

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OmniChannel Supply Chain

The role of the customer experience in growing your business cannot be overstated. Amazon and other retail giants have managed to create unique, customer-focused supply chains, ensuring customers have real-time status updates and options in case of returns. Meanwhile, managing customer-focused supply chains can be complicated, eroding profit margins.

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Omnichannel Supply Chain Metrics

There is no easy way to say it; single-channel retail is dead.
Customers want the flexibility of shopping online, over the phone, via apps, social media and in-person. The transition between each of these channels should be seamless, and all channels should work together to create a single, continuing experience to customers.

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Warehouse Execution System

As companies have grown in response to the rise of e-commerce, the types of managing systems deployed in warehouses have evolved. The most common systems boil down to one of two types, warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse execution system (WES). While both types perform similar functions, the lines between them have blurred, reports DC Velocity.

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benefits of eoms

An enterprise order management system (EOMS) is essential to maximizing efficiency and productivity in modern supply chains. There are many benefits of EOMS to omnichannel supply chains as well, and you need to know how they could be leveraged to improve your organization’s operations.

Benefits of EOMS Includes Improved Inventory Oversight.

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Multichannel Supply Chain

In supply chains, omnichannel solutions are often used interchangeably with multichannel solutions. On the surface, both forms of supply chain operations seek to provide multiple sales channels to consumers. However, understanding the elements of omnichannel vs. multichannel supply chain is essential to maximizing profit margins in a tightening economy.

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supply chain technologies

More companies are actively engaging with consumers in search of the ultimate omnichannel sales experience as the strength of online sales increase, reports Supply Chain Quarterly. Unlike traditional supply chains, omnichannel supply chains rely on the successful integration and application of data, process standardization and high-tech tools to ensure a seamless flow of information and products.