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distributed manufacturing

[dropcap style=”plain”]A[/dropcap]s the world becomes a more global economy, and as the United States sees a recovery in manufacturing, we must not get complacent For continued growth we must continually disrupt ourselves and keep a mindset of innovation. This morning I was having a conversation with a co worker on how to better position the messaging of the “WHY” customers use our services.

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Manufacturing ISM Report

This morning, we received news from the ISM manufacturing index (PMI) stating a reading above 50, or more specifically a 53.7%, for the 58th consecutive month.  This is an increase month over month with February’s Manufacturing ISM report showing a PMI of 53.2%. The run over the last 9 months has been quite interesting as the economy recovers.

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We continue our ongoing series around all things freight claims. In the past we wrote about 6 easy steps on how to file a freight claim, the difference between freight insurance and freight liability, 8 ways to make sure your freight claim gets paid, and the classic one, which we think is the basis of effective freight claims management, 5 “Knowledge Is Power” tips to mitigate freight damages.

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distribution network optimization supply chain

If you work in the world of supply chain or logistics management, you understand the volatility of both fuel and restraints on rising freight capacity. Whether driven by reducing costs or by new business strategies, rethinking your distribution network optimization has become more important than ever.

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how to file a freight claim damage

With our first post in our freight claims series, we addressed up front, before you start shipping freight, the difference in freight insurance vs. freight liability. We will continue our series today in talking about freight claims, by focusing on the basics. We don’t want to take anything for granted with the level of understanding of our readers.

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credibility in the supply chain

 “Trust is built on credibility and credibility comes from acting in others interests before your own”  

– Anonymous
Credibility in the Supply Chain
What is Credibility?
The root of the word “credibility” is “credo,” which means “I believe” in Latin. Put simply, credibility is the feeling of trust and respect that you inspire in others.

No single factor creates credibility.