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AI and the IoT

Analysts predict that by 2020, 75% of new cars will feature IoT connectivity. The percentage increase describes consumer applications, but the idea of connected vehicles should garner interest from other sectors such as shipping, logistics, and transportation. Leaders in these industries would be wise to plan for a future where AI and the IoT transform transportation management.

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Implementing ELDs

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Troy Diffenderfer who shares several key benefits of implementing ELDs into your fleet.
After a second appeal was recently denied, it looks like the MAP-21 electronic logging device rule will soon be in effect and if your company hasn’t already, you’ll soon be implementing ELDs into your fleet in the near future.

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3D technology

No doubt 3D technology has transformed the world of business. There are numerous inspiring ways by which 3D technology has to reshape the future.
If you are also instructed to learn about the impact of this revolutionary technology then you are at the right spot.

Read the information shared in the below passage to know how products can be printed from software designs.

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Supply Chain Technology Integration Thomasholmes Blog

The decision to bring new technology into your existing warehouse operation should not be taken lightly. Modern technology enables a whole new level of collaboration, efficiency and better operations. However, simply wiping out your existing systems, which can represent millions of dollars in past investments, is not the answer.

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Logistics as Your Major

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Chris Richardson who discusses why choosing logistics as your major is a good idea.
Logistics. This is an omnipresent term when people are suggesting careers for you. “You don’t know what profession to choose? Why don’t you consider logistics?”
It’s a rewarding profession, that’s for sure.