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Supply Chain Technology Integration Thomasholmes Blog

The decision to bring new technology into your existing warehouse operation should not be taken lightly. Modern technology enables a whole new level of collaboration, efficiency and better operations. However, simply wiping out your existing systems, which can represent millions of dollars in past investments, is not the answer.

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Logistics as Your Major

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Chris Richardson who discusses why choosing logistics as your major is a good idea.
Logistics. This is an omnipresent term when people are suggesting careers for you. “You don’t know what profession to choose? Why don’t you consider logistics?”
It’s a rewarding profession, that’s for sure.

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Disaster Logistics

Hurricane Irma caused plenty of damage, that much is true, but it’s nothing compared to what she would have done to the southeastern coast of the United States if she had hit with full force. Luckily, she slowed from a Category 5 down to a 3 or 2 before hitting the bulk of land in her path. Puerto Rico and the islands, unfortunately, were not so fortuitous.

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Supply Chain Finances

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Ty Kiisel who shows us how you can be affected by your supply chain finances.
Every business, including manufacturing operations, rely on cash flow to meet important needs like fueling growth and keeping the manufacturing process rolling forward. Unfortunately, it’s possible for a growing, healthy-looking business to be cash poor.

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supply chain terrorism

Terrorism is a reality that, unfortunately, requires our growing attention in the supply chain world.
The British Standards Institution Supply Chain Services and Solutions publishes an annual report that analyzes global trouble spots for supply chain operations. This year’s report focused on the continual rise in terrorist attacks and how it will continue to affect the supply chain.

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transport management

For a Freight Forwarding Company, the benefits of TMS are endless. What is TMS, you ask? Well, Transport Management Systems are exactly what the name suggests! TMS helps companies manage the transportation operations of their business, and so it’s no wonder that these systems are making their way into the Freight industry.

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Last Mile eCommerce

While automation is poised to revolutionize eCommerce Logistics and last mile delivery, last mile eCommerce will benefit from increased use of white glove logistics services. As explained by Andrea Obston of Parcel Industry, last mile delivery must be free, fast and all-inclusive.