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OmniChannel Supply Chain

The role of the customer experience in growing your business cannot be overstated. Amazon and other retail giants have managed to create unique, customer-focused supply chains, ensuring customers have real-time status updates and options in case of returns. Meanwhile, managing customer-focused supply chains can be complicated, eroding profit margins.

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supply chain and logistics professionals

Elizabeth Hines is the creative/editorial director at Fronetics, a boutique digital and content marketing firm focused on supply chain and logistics.
These podcasts bring the latest news and thought leadership in the supply chain and logistics industries right to your earbuds.
I used to think that podcasts were a hip form of new media that millennials used to further their iPhone addictions.

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uberization of trucking

It has almost become an archetype in society. Someone gets out of something late and can’t get a ride. Rather than spending countless hours wasting time, they pull out a smartphone and order an Uber. Uber has changed the game for the public transportation industry, and the ride-sharing giant is well on its way to changing logistics. Enter: the Uberization of trucking.

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perception of manufacturing

‘Manufacturing’, a dirty word for most parents. However, as hard as it may be to believe, Mom and Dad have more influence than they know when it comes to children making a career choice. With that in mind, here’s how industrial computing can change the parent perception of manufacturing on the manufacturing floor…
… But first, we appeal to parents.

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logistics effectiveness


Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from our friend Robert Everett. Robert Everett has over fifteen years of experience in data analytics, statistics, cybernetics and, among the others, supply chain domain. He is also a researcher and a freelance writer at EduBirdie, providing his expertise in logistics and business analysis knowledge areas.

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Omnichannel Supply Chain Metrics

There is no easy way to say it; single-channel retail is dead.
Customers want the flexibility of shopping online, over the phone, via apps, social media and in-person. The transition between each of these channels should be seamless, and all channels should work together to create a single, continuing experience to customers.

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reshoring initiative

After decades of jobs moving overseas, the tide has turned in favor of reshoring, reports the Reshoring Initiative in its latest annual report. Together reshoring and related foreign direct investment by companies returning to the U.S. added 77,000 jobs in 2016, with an additional 13,000 reported for the previous six years, for a total of 338,000 manufacturing jobs reshored since 2010.

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The worlds of online and offline businesses continue to merge and in 2017, as outlined in this infographic from the CUBE, it’s time that retailers finally embraced it. The first major change was, of course, the growth of the internet and during this period bricks and mortar retailers started to feel threatened that people would buy products online instead of shopping in their store.

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Warehouse Execution System

As companies have grown in response to the rise of e-commerce, the types of managing systems deployed in warehouses have evolved. The most common systems boil down to one of two types, warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse execution system (WES). While both types perform similar functions, the lines between them have blurred, reports DC Velocity.

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cloud-based logistics

The cloud-based solutions and applications are quickly conquering the markets all over the world; they deemed to be highly scalable, easy to manage and cost-effective. Small and middle-sized companies are pushed by the aggressive competition to be more flexible and adaptive. Big enterprises might not be that open to innovations but are hypersensitive to cost and resource savings.