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what is the internet of things

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is by Fergus O’Sullivan with Cloudwars.net. In this mini blog series on, Fergus will teach us about the Internet of Things; What is the Internet of things, how it works, how to use it, and what risks may occur. We hope you enjoy.
If you have been following the tech news even a little bit over the last few years, you’ve heard of the Internet of Things.

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The Digital Supply Chain

Imagine a world where automation comes together with technology to deliver products without human intervention. An order is placed by a consumer. 3D printers pickup the details and print the finished product. It’s then picked by robots from the shelves, packaged and placed into a self-driving truck.

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benefits of eoms

An enterprise order management system (EOMS) is essential to maximizing efficiency and productivity in modern supply chains. There are many benefits of EOMS to omnichannel supply chains as well, and you need to know how they could be leveraged to improve your organization’s operations.

Benefits of EOMS Includes Improved Inventory Oversight.

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Manufacturing Production Efficiency

In many cases, the efficiency of your shop hinges on your production machinery. Not only is it important to find machines that are appropriate for your specific manufacturing operations, but your bottom line will suffer if your equipment isn’t fast enough to meet demand. You’ll also need to make sure to hire employees who know how to use each machine.

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Automated Freight

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog comes from our friends at Barrington Freight where they give us a glimpse as to what the next 10 years will look like for automation in the freight industry.
Autonomy and artificial intelligence are two of the hottest tech ideas being integrated into modern industries. And the freight industry is no exception to that rule.

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Customer-Focused Logistics

Across the global economy, consumers are wanting more. In fact, it is not just a desire for more; it a demand. Consumer actions are shaping how shippers and carriers interact, ranging from contract negotiation to exploring new technologies. With the rise of Amazon, consumers have also been able to access an endless product array at historic, record-low shipping costs.

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Multichannel Supply Chain

In supply chains, omnichannel solutions are often used interchangeably with multichannel solutions. On the surface, both forms of supply chain operations seek to provide multiple sales channels to consumers. However, understanding the elements of omnichannel vs. multichannel supply chain is essential to maximizing profit margins in a tightening economy.