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inbound logistics program

Most transportation costs in a company arise from inbound logistics cost. If other words, the costs associated with transportation of items from vendors make up the biggest portion of will transportation costs, reports Amy Roach Partridge of Inbound Logistics. Part of the problem lies in misconceptions around inbound logistics, including manual, data-intense processes and added stress.

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manufacturing equipment

On one hand, it would be great to have brand new manufacturing equipment. On the other, brand new equipment costs money. You need to justify the expense based on factors relating to both obsolescence and business goals. Of the two, business goals have a greater weight, as you shall see.
First, a word about the obstacles to upgrading.

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customer experience in logistics

Across a wide number of industries, the way companies interact with customers has changed dramatically. There is no shortage of claims that we have now entered the age of the customer. A golden age, where customer desires dictate the actions of companies. Through the hype, there is a lot of truth to these pronouncements. Companies are now, more than ever, responsive to the needs of customers.

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The late William J. Augello, co-author of Freight Claims in Plain English, had a passion about this topic as few others have. According to Brent Primus of Logistics Management said:
“I believe that there are at least two reasons why Bill felt so strongly about the importance of understanding claims.
The first reason is financial.