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logistics professionals

The world needs more data-driven, tech-savvy logisticians to manage the flow of goods and services in a technology-obsessed world – and that’s exactly where a pragmatic education can help. How can aspiring logistics professionals ensure their college program offers the curriculum and the resources they need to succeed? Check out this blog post followed by a great infographic at the end.

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driverless trucks

Editor’s Note: Todays blog is from our friend, Rachel Everly, a freelance writer in business and finance. Rachel discusses driverless trucks filling the gap that the driver shortage has created.
The trucking industry has been serving America for many decades, and even today it is the main method by which freight is transferred all over the country.

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truck stop

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is a guest blog from Jurica Magoci of fueloyal.com to show us the 7 secrets to chose the best truck stop.
Whether you are on a road trip with your family, or you are owner-operator or a company driver, one thing you will need on those long hauls is a truck stop.

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Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Serrena Merle of OnBlast.com who shows us the difference between Magento vs Shopify.Thomasholmes offers Magento & Shopify eCommerce solutions for LTL shipping. View more info on these solutions here. You may also watch the short video below explaining our Magento LTL eCommerce solution below.

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reshoring revolution

Reshoring has practically become a buzzword in debates, across the media and in conversations with people in all communities. Americans want to stop seeing companies running overseas in what has become viewed as a desperate attempt to keep as much money at any cost. However, the Reshoring Revolution has begun, and some see it as only a passing fad.

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growing skills gap

More manufacturers are turning toward vocational training and apprenticeship programs to help close the skills gap. According to The Huffington Post, a wide variety of apprenticeship programs focus on construction and manufacturing, creating a largely untapped resource of new skilled labor that manufacturers could easily access.