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chain of responsibility

As our customer presence in Australia is growing, we are learning new things from our Commonwealth cousins from ‘’Down Under’’.  Although we have much in common, the transportation laws in Australia and New Zealand have a distinct difference with those in Europe, the U.K. and North America.

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export control laws

Why Do We Have Export Control Laws & Regulations?
In a perfect world, export control laws wouldn’t be necessary because there would be no bad guys. Unfortunately, such is not the case. We live in a world where we and others around the globe enjoy our personal freedoms, our rule of law, and other live-and-let-live social structures that are not embraced by some folks.

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us customs crous customs cross border shippingss border shipping

The Government Comes Calling
There are many occasions when the Government, for our purposes, let’s say US Customs, takes an interest in something your company is doing. Does that sound like attention? Yup, but not all attention is good!  In fact, most government, let’s say Customs communications are down-right scary, so we saved this post for October. Think spider webs and bad dreams.

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management by walking around

So, I’m guilty as charged. I have an M.B.A. (Masters of Business Administration) and to get one of those things you must learn oh so many acronyms. Else what point is the degree if you can’t talk in code and confuse others? But an MBA is not the same as MBWA. No, my friend, MBWA is far more important.