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Injection Molding Process

The injection molding process is a crucial process with lots of moving parts — but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some simple changes to improve how you do it and safeguard the quality of your final product.

Time is money — but so are professionalism, optimization and attention to detail, as well as other concerns.

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Reputable Suppliers

Getting a compatible LED lighting product, such as a power supply, is essential in order to extend the life expectancy and the quality of LED light strips. Unfortunately, the market has now become saturated with sub-par manufacturers and fly-by-night suppliers. OEMs, therefore, need to know why partnering with reputable suppliers delivers the right, desired product.

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customer experience

Manufacturers have always struggled to know their customers. But, modern businesses have grown to encompass an omnichannel sales opportunity. Customers can place orders online, by phone, in person and in nearly any other means desirable. Unfortunately, this means manufacturers face an even greater challenge, as more customers translate into greater use of customer service.

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buy american

Last month, President Trump’s office released his much-anticipated Buy American, Hire American executive order. The new order is meant to protect American jobs, by encouraging companies to buy and sell American-made products, and by reviewing the country’s H1-B visa program for highly-skilled workers.

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perception of manufacturing

‘Manufacturing’, a dirty word for most parents. However, as hard as it may be to believe, Mom and Dad have more influence than they know when it comes to children making a career choice. With that in mind, here’s how industrial computing can change the parent perception of manufacturing on the manufacturing floor…
… But first, we appeal to parents.