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manufacturing infographic facility

Who doesn’t love a good infograhic? Even better, who doesn’t love an in depth manufacturing infographic put out by one of the world’s biggest consulting firms regarding “How Leading Manufacturers Thrive in a World of Ongoing Volatility and Uncertainty?” Well, Accenture has met the challenge and WELL exceeded the task of giving us what we all want, an insight into how to improve operations for manu

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obamacare in manufacturing

NOTE: Thomasholmes is not advocating for or against the Affordable Care Act in the below. This is a guest post from an author and expert on the ACA law. The below is a fact based blog post, which also does not favor or disfavor Obamacare, but simply posits the thought of a how it could affect manufacturing workers.

The Affordable Care Act, a.k.

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reshoring companies

This is another post from Harry Moser and The Reshoring Initiative. Reshoring is an ongoing and important movement currently happening in North America. For a full explanation about reshoring manufacturing make sure you check out Mr. Moser’s first post where he explains what it is and who are the reshoring companies in North America.