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Reduce Parcel Shipping

Thomasholmes is excited to announce the release of an all new, exclusive, & educational resource “The Guide to Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs thru Effective Transportation Management Practices” white paper!

Parcel shipping processes reflect some of the most labor- and time-intensive aspects of modern shipping strategies.

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parcel shipping spend

Thomasholmes is excited to announce the release of an all new, exclusive, & educational resource “The Wonderful World of Managing Parcel Shipping Spend” white paper!

This is a must read for those who want to reduce costs in parcel shipping and increase overall proficiency in parcel shipping spend management! Get a free copy of the white paper by filling out the form to the right.

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Parcel in Reverse Logistics

Managing parcels for outbound shipping represents only a portion of a shipper’s overall logistics strategy. Freight spend must include parcel in reverse logistics spend, and major carriers are turning their attention to the value stream of proactive parcel management in reverse logistics.

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2018 capacity crunch

Last year Thomasholmes covered the capacity crunch in great detail, culminating in a helpful and educational e-book titled “The Great Capacity Crunch: The Current State, Future Outlook, and How Shippers Can Thrive in Any Capacity Crunch.”

As an update, in this post, we’ll address a more updated way that shippers can navigate the 2018 Capacity Crunch many shippers are currently facing.

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inbound parcel freight

Managing inbound parcel freight has increased in complexity with the global rise of e-commerce. Amazon has mastered inbound parcel freight management as part of its third-party marketplace, and small and mid-sized shippers are struggling to keep up. Customer activity has increased, and some employees are actually sending their personal purchases to work address.

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multi-carrier parcel shipping system

Assume you have a relatively low average of overbilling instances in your shipping invoices, 1 percent. If your company’s freight spend is $1 million, that 1 percent amounts to lost opportunities of $10,000. Now, imagine the savings if 1 percent of your parcel shipments, which make up 75 percent of total freight spend, cost half as much as they do now.

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Blockchain Within The Supply Chain

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Kevin Doubleday who discusses the importance of blockchain within the supply chain.Current Supply Chains don’t operate at the cadence of business. Integrating Blockchain within the Supply Chain could change that.When we are asked about “killer” use cases for blockchain within enterprise systems, Supply Chain is the usual suspect — and for good reason.

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Blockchain Technology in Transportation Management

Let’s talk about Blockchain technology in transportation management. Blockchain tends to be synonymous with cryptocurrencies, but they aren’t equivalent. Rather, it powers cryptocurrencies through digital ledgers. These ledgers track assets, such as money, foodstuffs, and other products, recording them chronologically and distributing them democratically.