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Freight & Transportation Management Trends

Thomasholmes is excited to announce the release of an all new, exclusive, & educational resource “The Freight & Transportation Management Trends to Know in 2018” white paper!
This is a must read for those in the transportation & freight industries to stay on top of their games! Get a free copy of the white paper by filling out the form to the right.
The e-commerce market is expanding.

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We introduce our latest educational e-book (we have several more here):
The Great Capacity Crunch: The Current State, Future Outlook, and How Shippers Can Thrive in Any Capacity Crunch.
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Transportation Management Case Study

In a first of several case studies to come out from Thomasholmes regarding how our solutions aid shippers in managing transportation more effectively thru our transportation technology and managed services, learn how a Medical Supply Company switched providers and increased overall results.

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AI and the IoT

Analysts predict that by 2020, 75% of new cars will feature IoT connectivity. The percentage increase describes consumer applications, but the idea of connected vehicles should garner interest from other sectors such as shipping, logistics, and transportation. Leaders in these industries would be wise to plan for a future where AI and the IoT transform transportation management.

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Disaster Logistics

Hurricane Irma caused plenty of damage, that much is true, but it’s nothing compared to what she would have done to the southeastern coast of the United States if she had hit with full force. Luckily, she slowed from a Category 5 down to a 3 or 2 before hitting the bulk of land in her path. Puerto Rico and the islands, unfortunately, were not so fortuitous.

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transport management

For a Freight Forwarding Company, the benefits of TMS are endless. What is TMS, you ask? Well, Transport Management Systems are exactly what the name suggests! TMS helps companies manage the transportation operations of their business, and so it’s no wonder that these systems are making their way into the Freight industry.

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White Glove Services & Last Mile

White glove services are the crème de la crème of last mile logistics, and white glove services & last mile logistics work together more than most other parts of your transportation network. Both services seek to meet the increasing demands of a growing customer base, especially customers of e-commerce platforms, as explained by Deborah Lockridge of Truckinginfo.