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Future of Transportation

Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog from our friend Jake Rheude, Director of Marketing, with Red Stag Fulfillment.
$700 billion – that’s the value of the trucking transportation industry. The impressive figure shouldn’t be all that surprising, though, given that the transport of goods reaches nearly every corner of the economic landscape in the United States.

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Shipping Performance

When shipping products, the responsibility of a logistics professional doesn’t end when the items leave a warehouse. It’s essential to pay attention to the materials used for packaging what’s inside. If they’re not durable enough or can’t withstand harsh weather conditions, the contents of a package could get ruined before arriving at a destination.

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10 Transportation Blog Posts

As each year comes to a close, we all look back on the year that was in reflection. Today, we conclude our annual year-end series highlighting the top blog posts in each of our 5 main categories: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, Freight.
We spent the last week exploring each category’s top 10 most viewed posts over the course of 2017.

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driving a truck in winter

Winter is one of the most dangerous times of year for all road users, but driving a truck in winter this season it is even more hazardous. As you’ll already be aware, trucks and other large vehicles are less maneuverable than cars and bikes, they take longer to stop and weigh a great deal more than the average vehicle, making the likelihood and consequences of crashes even greater.

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gift idea

Everyone wants to buy the perfect gift for someone they care about, especially during the holiday season. Seeing the reaction of a friend or loved one when they open a great present that they appreciate is certainly satisfying, but picking out the right gift can be hard.

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trucking trends

Change is one of the most constant things to beware of when planning for your business, career, or future investments. It’s already clear that 2017 is in no way an exception to this rule. With 3.5 million truckers on the road as we speak, the changes this industry is seeing has a significant effect on nearly every aspect of the American economy and way of life.

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Digitized Trucking

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from our friend, Rachel Everly, a freelance writer in business and finance who shows us how digitized trucking will change the game for logistics companies.
Welcome to the Grand Era of Digitized Trucking!
Imagine that you own a truck and you receive an order from a soft drink manufacturer in Missouri to transport around 5000 kilograms of freight.

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parcel audits

The impact on transportation costs through parcel audits is often forgotten. Shippers may feel parcel audits lack value, and still others avoid them for irrational reasons. As explained by Jared Fisher of Parcel Magazine, shippers may be able to recoup up to 5 percent of parcel shipping costs through proper auditing procedures.

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transportation jobs

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog comes from our friend Michael Stoddard who shares the top 10 transportation jobs in the industry.
If you happen to find yourself searching for careers in logistics, transportation and supply chains, you’ll be happy to know that there’s no shortage of positions. There are many well-suited starter vacancies, and there’s a lot to strive for in this field.