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Digitized Trucking

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from our friend, Rachel Everly, a freelance writer in business and finance who shows us how digitized trucking will change the game for logistics companies.
Welcome to the Grand Era of Digitized Trucking!
Imagine that you own a truck and you receive an order from a soft drink manufacturer in Missouri to transport around 5000 kilograms of freight.

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parcel audits

The impact on transportation costs through parcel audits is often forgotten. Shippers may feel parcel audits lack value, and still others avoid them for irrational reasons. As explained by Jared Fisher of Parcel Magazine, shippers may be able to recoup up to 5 percent of parcel shipping costs through proper auditing procedures.

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transportation jobs

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog comes from our friend Michael Stoddard who shares the top 10 transportation jobs in the industry.
If you happen to find yourself searching for careers in logistics, transportation and supply chains, you’ll be happy to know that there’s no shortage of positions. There are many well-suited starter vacancies, and there’s a lot to strive for in this field.

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As few as 40 percent of companies have made the switch to digital systems, including the use of APIs, reports Angus Loten of the Wall Street Journal. Yet, the rise of just-in-time delivery has complicated how the transportation industry sets rates for shipments, regardless of the well-documented benefits of electronic data interchange (EDI).

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truckload carriers

Owning a tractor-trailer can be both rewarding and lucrative for truckload carriers, but, as with any vehicle, there is maintenance involved. Tractor-trailers don’t get called on to make ‘round the corner grocery runs — when these trucks hit the road, it’s for the long haul and through whatever conditions are in the way.

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buy american

Last month, President Trump’s office released his much-anticipated Buy American, Hire American executive order. The new order is meant to protect American jobs, by encouraging companies to buy and sell American-made products, and by reviewing the country’s H1-B visa program for highly-skilled workers.

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transportation industry

Changes to regulations or policy that may impact the transportation industry take time to flush out from each newly elected official or congressional session to the next.  Any changes to regulations that were enacted by law cannot simply be undone with an executive order. In addition, history teaches trucking industry entities that promises of change do not always translate into actual changes.

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uberization of trucking

It has almost become an archetype in society. Someone gets out of something late and can’t get a ride. Rather than spending countless hours wasting time, they pull out a smartphone and order an Uber. Uber has changed the game for the public transportation industry, and the ride-sharing giant is well on its way to changing logistics. Enter: the Uberization of trucking.