Logistics Solutions: Thomasholmes Inc., Now Offers Mexico and Canadian Freight Management Services for All

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Thomasholmes, Inc., a logistics service provider of freight management services and a transportation management system, the Thomasholmes Rater TMS, for those who ship freight in North America, announces the company now offers logistics services for shippers who ship freight to Canada from the United States, from Canada to the United States, and within or intra-Canada, as well as those shipping from Mexico to the United States. The company created these new service areas simply by listening to current customers’ needs, creating custom logistics solutions, and honing the services so Thomasholmes can offer the same to all current and future freight shipping customers.

“This idea of customer centric solutions, from our current customer base, has formally been called “Vested Outsourcing”, as covered by Kate Visatek at the Unversity of Tennessee,” said Vice President of Business Development and Thomasholmes co-founder, Steve Norall. “Vested Outsourcing is a growing business trend, but listening to our current and potential customers’ needs and created logistics solutions where everyone wins, is a business practice and mindset Thomasholmes has had since the founding of the company in 1998.”

Essentially, Thomasholmes solutions gave to their customer the ability to keep the same level of service,  visibility, and control over freight spend, without incurring extra costs – a win – and for Thomasholmes, the company now is able to roll out the same service to other and potential customers who have this same need – also a win. At the heart of “Vested Outsourcing” is creating a win-win situation for the company and the client.

A Tale of Two Custom Logistics Solutions Creates Mexico and Canadian Freight Management Services for All

Uni-Select, an automotive aftermarket distributor, approached Thomasholmes about 4 years ago, asking if the company could support the freight management services and transportation management system Thomasholmes currently offered Uni-Select in the United States, to their locations in Canada. Uni-Select wanted to keep the great features Thomasholmes offered such as freight analysis reporting, streamlined freight reporting, and less time processing freight by having all info, such as carrier option, in one centralized location. Uni-Select needed to support shipments going in and out of Canada, as well as intra-Canada shipments.

Around the same time the set-up of freight management services in Canada was coming to light, Thomasholmes was asked to set up freight management solutions for Plastiflex, a longtime customer, for their new facility in Mexico. Plastiflex wanted to keep the same visibility and freight management abilities, like Uni-Select, via Thomasholmes integrated freight services and the Thomasholmes Rater TMS, as opposed to hiring a new company to do the same thing. Thomasholmes, at the time did not support Mexican freight shipping in the Thomasholmes Rater TMS , but as a logistics solutions focused third party logistics company, and due to their dedicated experts in both logistics and logistics technology, Thomasholmes successfully established freight shipping and management from Mexico back to the US for Plastiflex. Now, this service is available to all current customers and future customers who have the same need.

Collaboration and a Fully Engaged Internal Team Spurs Continual Improvement of Logistics Solutions

logistics solutions mexico and canadaBoth projects required a thorough and effective plan to achieve success. Thomasholmes leadership focused on collaboration with customers and fully engaging the internal operations, carrier relations and technology teams.

The Carrier Relations team, headed by manager Amy Cook, used their decades of experience in setting up new carriers and negotiating rates on customers’ behalves, by reaching out to carriers in both Mexico and Canada and getting contracts in place.

The Thomasholmes technology team had to update the Thomasholmes Rater to support accounting and invoicing to support Canadian dollars and the GST Tax, so that freight quotes and invoices matched this new currency. Having a nimble team to look at new processes and apply that lens to old processes so all are congruent and contiguous.

In conclusion, the true value of these new services for shippers in Mexico and Canada, lies in the core values of Thomasholmes:

  • Innovative – Open and creative to customer and employee solutions
  • Quality – Providing value in all that we do
  • Continuous improvement of our people and services
  • Respect of individuals and their contribution to the team

No matter the custom logistics solutions requirement from a new customer or a current customer, Thomasholmes strives to provide efficiency and solutions those freight shippers’ in need. If you are a United States shipper, who has facilities in Canada or Mexico, and are interested in these types of freight management services, reach out to Thomasholmes on their website to contact the company for more information.

Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson oversees the overall marketing strategy for Thomasholmes including website development, social media and content marketing, trade show marketing, email campaigns, and webinar marketing. Mr. Robinson works with the business development department to create messaging that attracts the right decision makers, gaining inbound leads and increasing brand awareness all while shortening sales cycles, the time it takes to gain sales appointments and set proper sales and execution expectations.
Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

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