Inbound Freight Management


With the focus on technology and managed transportation services as a third party logistics company, Thomasholmes is well poised to guide shippers and execute with full routing guide compliance inbound freight programs. Through our freight routing specialists and proprietary technology, Thomasholmes will improve cost, on-time performance, freight damage, billing accuracy and devise custom strategies for inbound freight programs based on years of tried and true solutions and best in class technology. Further we provide free web based software along with logistics experts that will drive continuous improvement.

All too often, shippers do not make inbound freight programs a supply chain priority. Managing and controlling inbound effectively is a difficult process, and one that can pit various departments within an organization against each other. In addition, tweaking inbound freight flows can sometimes upset delicate transportation agreements for the shipper, receiver, or both.

  • Your team needs more time to focus on core competencies

    Solution: Thomasholmes can give your team back valuable time by handling some of the time consuming duties associated with freight operations including routing inbound shipments , scheduling pickups, shopping for volume/spot quotes, re-routing shipments in transit, auditing invoices, resolving invoice discrepancies, and processing claims.
  • Suppliers don’t always comply with our routing guide

    Solution: Thomasholmes Freight Desk will route your inbound shipments ensuring they are routed to your specifications at the best possible rates. There may be situations in which you would prefer to route inbound shipments yourself and with our system, you have that option.
  • Need ability to monitor compliance for all shipping locations

    Solution: Our least cost compliance feature requires shippers to input a reason when they do not ship via the least cost carrier. Our Least Cost Compliance Report sorts non-compliant shipments by reason and displays lost savings data.
  • Need for standardization of procedures

    Solution: Thomasholmes will partner with you to implement a process designed to get all of your locations on the same page; following the same procedures.
  • Need more visibility and control over all shipping operations for all locations

    Solution: Thomasholmes TMS with organization views.
  • No easy way to determine impact of freight costs on customer profitability

    Solution: Freight expenses can be sorted by customer and exported into Excel for analysis.
  • Auditing freight bills and researching variances is a drain on resources

    Solution: Thomasholmes will audit your freight bills using a three step validation process that enables us to resolve carrier errors before you are billed and obtain supporting documentation for invoices that have been correctly adjusted. You will receive a pre/post audited weekly consolidated invoice from Thomasholmes.
  • Accounting has to spend time allocating freight costs to G/L accounts

    Solution: G/L codes will be loaded into system and assigned to shipments at time of processing. These codes will follow the shipment all the way through invoicing and reports can be sorted by these codes and exported into Excel for further analysis.
  • Shipment handling expenses not being recouped

    Solution: Thomasholmes incentive feature allows you to add a handling charge to the freight cost that remains transparent to your customer.
  • Buyers need a quick way to estimate freight charges for raw materials and supplies purchases and sales staff needs a quick way to estimate freight charges for customer bids

    Solution: Quick quote feature in Thomasholmes TMS.
  • Customers have to contact sales or shipping staff for delivery updates, tracking info, and POD’s

    Solution: Customers will receive automatic shipment notification emails with tracking links.
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