Small Package Freight


Why choose Thomasholmes as my Small Package Freight Logistics Service Provider

In the end, when you ship freight, no matter whether you’re using LTL, Truckload, or small package, it’s vital for you to have the ability to automate, have visibility into the activity in order to analyze your freight data, and have services available to you such as routing, freight accounting, and freight claims management.

When you do need small package freight services, you can expect the following Thomasholmes Small Package services:

  • Consolidated freight invoices to improve accounting visibility for multiple shipments to and from multiple destinations and origins.
  • Small Package auditing services to give you peace of mind you are invoiced what you expect to see on your freight invoice.
  • 24/7 access to all freight invoices in Invoices Online within the Thomasholmes Rater, our proprietary freight management software
  • Small package freight shipped through the same interface you already use when shipping LTL freight.
  • Use your existing Commodity and Address databases for efficient record keeping, no matter what mode you ship your freight

Not sure what freight shipment mode is most advantageous for your business? Contact us to inquire about our transportation management solutions to help you realize both hard and soft cost freight savings.

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