Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics
Thomasholmes developed, as an added functionality to our proprietary transportation management system, the Thomasholmes Rater, a reverse logistics product in order to serve our shipper customers and future customers to seamlessly handle returns, especially core returns and warranty policies in the automotive aftermarket for Less-Than-Truckload shipping. However, for anyone who is looking to implement automation features, gain visibility into, and start reaping the benefits of a reverse logistics process in transportation, the Thomasholmes Reverse Logistics technology product is the only choice.

Finding the right company to help with your reverse logistics needs is one of the most important things you can do for your company. So why trust in Thomasholmes? We've built up tremendous experience and a proven track record in the industry, and are proud to offer our customers the best reverse logistics management available today. Just why should you trust us?

  • Thomasholmes is a Certified Transportation Broker by the TIA
  • We offer services throughout the continent, not just in the USA
  • Thomasholmes was included in the CIO "Top 20 Most Promising Logistic Tech Solutions Companies"
  • We focus on solutions and on customer satisfaction and have a 90% customer retention rate
  • We don't outsource our technology development or our TMS to an outside company.
  • We built our web-based transportation and logistics technology from the ground up, and literally have an army continually improving.

Features, Capabilities, and Benefits of the Thomasholmes Reverse Logistics Product:

White Label Site

  • Customizable site that allows our shipper’s customers to submit returns
  • Designed mobile first so will work with phones in the field
  • Fields can be customized to fit the needs of the return
  • E.g., Custom fields can be either text fields or dropdowns that can contain whatever the shipper wants
  • These fields can be required based on the type of return that is being submitted
  • The type of return dropdown is also customizable
  • From the white label site customers can see the status of the return, track the return, and pull the BOL once a return is approved
  • Integration Option
  • Customers can send Thomasholmes data that we can validate against so the returns they receive are valid

Thomasholmes TMS, the Thomasholmes Rater Integration

  • Thomasholmes Return Center
  • New section of Shipper side control within the TMS that allows for managing all returns
  • Shippers can enter new returns, track returns, approve return, and authorize payment of approved returns
  • Shipper can see Proof of Delivery receipts for returns, Thomasholmes checks carriers sites every 2 hours for these documents

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