Freight Invoice Consolidation


Freight Invoice Consolidation is vital to your company’s bottom line when you ship freight LTL, TL, or small package. Think of all the freight invoices your company pays in any given week. Imagine being able to receive one consolidated freight invoice per week instead of dozens or hundreds.

What is Thomasholmes Freight Invoice Consolidation Service?

Every week, like clockwork, you’ll receive a consolidated freight invoice, automated by our powerful freight management software, the Thomasholmes Rater. This single, comprehensive freight invoice includes all shipments Thomasholmes validated on our shippers’ behalf. Additionally, each freight invoice processed is rigorously audited for accuracy as laid out in our freight audit services.

What are the advantages of Freight Invoice Consolidation?

  • Eliminates accounts payable paperwork, providing a single, electronic invoice each week that details every shipment.
  • Mitigates fraud and risk while enabling document retrieval and detailed reporting to comply with even the most complex regulations.
  • Reduces paperwork while also saving time and money on accounts payable processing.
  • 24/7 on-demand access to your weekly freight invoice, containing all of your weekly freight shipments, no matter the mode, in our Freight Invoices Online Portal

What is the Thomasholmes Rater Invoices Online?

Of course, you can still get a paper freight invoice if you like, and Thomasholmes’ Invoices Online, which is within our powerful freight management software, the Thomasholmes Rater, allows users to completely manage the freight invoice process simply and easily right from your computer.

Within the Freight Invoices Online shippers have the ability to:

  • View your freight invoice detail by shipment.
  • Print a copy of your freight invoice, when needed.
  • View any occurrence of a variance of what you expected to pay when you created the freight shipment record within the Thomasholmes Rater versus the actual freight invoice.

Within the Freight Invoice Variance Report you have the ability to:

  • Easily identify freight invoice variances with one click.
  • Access supporting documents, such as re-weigh certificates, which are all housed in the cloud within our transportation management system.
  • Request a freight invoice adjustment with one click
  • View your adjustment request history
  • View your freight invoice history by:
    • Date
    • Carrier
    • Consignee
    • Reference number
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