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When our founders started Thomasholmes, they had a goal to offer common sense, practical, and user friendly tools and services to manufacturers, distributors, and all shippers of freight. They understood if our freight technology solutions and services were complicated and only created more headaches, they may sell a few companies, but they wouldn’t keep them.

Coming from a technology provider giant, our founders saw over and over again how changes were not made from a customer-iterated basis but from what developers and leaders THOUGHT customers wanted. It turned out that customers not only didn’t ask for those changes, but when they were implemented, it created abandonment of the use of the technology, high customer turnover rate, and a lot of waste.

Furthermore, our founders understood the importance of not outsourcing their technology solution as they knew customer-iterated software needs extreme nimbleness and flexibility to keep up with customer demand. So, their first hire was in the technology department, and from day one, our proprietary transportation management system, the Thomasholmes Rater, was developed from the ground up by employed, not contract, developers. To this day, those same developers work for Thomasholmes, continually improving our freight management software solution to match the needs of our clients, their customers, their vendors, our people, emerging web standards, and the regulations of the industry.

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Struggling to Manage
Transportation Effectively?
Inefficient transportation management
leads to higher costs
& an unhealthy bottom line.
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