Connect Services

Implementing the integration and web connect services of Thomasholmes allows manufacturers, retailers, and logistics service providers

  • Save money by not using an outside integration provide. It benefits you and our carrier partners to employ Thomasholmes Connect Services and integration as it creates more automation, more robust reporting, and provides further scale.
  • Offload the many complexities and details of arranging transportation to our transportation management system dedicated to optimizing this important process.
  • Improve freight shipment accuracy and efficiency by allowing commodities and addresses to automatically load from your ERP or WMS.
  • Increase visibility of goods and freight shipment processes.
  • Reduce costs throughout the entire transportation ecosystem.

Thomasholmes Integration and Connect Services

Thomasholmes Connect Services provides two powerful ways to help our customers lower costs and improve their efficiency when shipping freight:

  1. Thomasholmes Integration provides a connection between your internal servers and the web-based transportation management system, the Thomasholmes Rater.
  2. Thomasholmes Connect Web Services allows customers to create custom applications to use the Thomasholmes Rater rating and shipping engines, such as our eCommerce freight shipping technology.
  3. Thomasholmes Integration provides a link between your existing ERP system and the Thomasholmes processing screens. Working with your I.T. staff, we can help design a solution that will pull order information from almost any system including:
    • Address Information
    • Commodity Information
    • Shipment Specific Information

Thomasholmes can also write fulfillment and accounting information back to your ERP after the shipment is complete. This process provides accurate inventory levels and helps accounting bill more accurately.

For a complete guide and to find answers on frequently asked questions around integration and connect services, .

Brief Overview of Thomasholmes Integration

To use Thomasholmes Integration, our dedicated technology team works closely with your I.T. to program a communication path between your existing ERP system and our web-based freight management system. Once the link has been built, information is loaded onto the screen by entering a reference number to the order and pressing a Load Order button. That’s it! The order information is now on the screen and ready for rating or shipping.

Thomasholmes XML Web Services

With Thomasholmes XML Web Services, customers can interface directly with our transportation management system to perform most of the common tasks related to freight shipping.

Thomasholmes XML Web Services were designed to connect to multiple systems as well. Currently, the XML Web Services support SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 protocols as well as a true HTTP Post of an XML data feed. This allows customers to interface from almost any system.

Brief Overview of XML Web Services

To use web services, customers send an XML data feed from their system to the Thomasholmes Rater. This feed could be generated from internal servers or captured from a screen you create. During the rating process, our system returns all the rates, Limit of Liability information, and transit days. When you process a freight shipment, our system returns the bill of lading, embedding it in the response back to your system and/or by email to the provided email address.

Web Service Uses

  • Rating/Shipping from a custom built application
  • Retrieve shipping costs for use on E-commerce sites
  • Provide shipping costs from the online store
  • Allow customers to track shipments

If you have questions about our products, services, technology or our connect services, please Contact us and we will provide the best solution to fit your needs.

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