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Mobile TMS on The Rise as Logistics Providers make Shippers More Efficient and Nimble

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are developing smartphone applications to help increase mobile data access for their shipper clients. In fact, in order to stay on the cutting edge of offering the latest and easiest to use technology to process and manage freight, Thomasholmes announces the availability of the Thomasholmes Rater in both the and alongside other 3PL logistics mobile apps.

Thomasholmes, a third party logistics company, who revolutionized transportation management by offering one of the first web-based transportation management systems, with the introduction of the Thomasholmes Rater in 1997, now brings you some of the great features to the logistics mobile apps world with the release of the mobile TMS application.

Thomasholmes Rater Mobile TMS Application Capabilities

With the mobile TMS version of the Thomasholmes Rater, you have at your fingertips to do the following from your smartphone by logging in:

  • Rate a less-than-truckload freight shipment
  • Track your freight shipment for real time visibility, with the ability to scan barcodes for easy use
  • View your last 7 days at a glance, or drill down to view all shipments of both less-than-truckload and small package freight
  • View your dedicated Thomasholmes Account Team contact information allowing you to get in touch with us at a moment’s notice
  • Read all pertinent announcements concerning the Thomasholmes Rater in the “Rater News” section
  • One click access to where you can keep up to date on Freight, Transportation, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain best practices and news

The Thomasholmes Rater is a powerful transportation management system to aid any company in managing their freight departments as well as realize both hard and soft cost savings to impact the bottom line, and now that power comes in the form of a mobile TMS application.

NOTE: You must be a Thomasholmes customer in order to use the mobile version of the Thomasholmes Rater TMS. Please email [email protected] or call (866) 664-6305 to request information about Thomasholmes services and products.

You may download the app , or the .

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