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Our transportation management system gives you the ability to analyze your freight data so that you can identify factors affecting your shipping costs, empowering you to optimize soft cost savings on your freight spend.

Additionally, you have the ability to run administrative reports such as invoicing and freight accounting data, keep up with freight claim status, and pull records on all shipping activity whether they’re LTL, TL, or small package, so you can understand which carriers are best for you and your freight.

Freight Data Analysis Reports

Billing Type Compliance

  • View shipments where the billing type was changed from Prepaid and Add to Prepaid.
  • Show the reason the user made the change.
  • The amount of incentive lost by making the change.

Least Cost Non-Compliance

  • Shows the reason given for not selecting the least cost carrier, who the least-cost carrier was when you processed the freight shipment, and data on the carrier selected.
  • Shows you the freight cost savings lost by not selecting the least cost carrier.

Matrix Report

  • Identify factors that impact your freight shipping costs.
  • After setting a baseline cost per pound for your freight, the Matrix Report compiles the invoiced cost for your shipments and breaks them down into line-haul, fuel, and accessorial charges.
  • Lists the weight and distance traveled (both totals and averages) and shows how many shipments were controlled by minimum charges.
  • With this freight data, you are able to see how changes in you shipping patterns can affect your overall cost.

Freight Invoicing Reports

Invoice Accrual Report

  • Displays information for shipments that have already been processed, but have not yet been invoiced.
  • Ability to anticipate future invoice amounts.

Invoice Records Report

  • Payment Responsibility: Displays shipment information based on who will be paying for the freight charges. The report is grouped first by the party who will pay the freight charges then by the party who processed the shipment.
  • Paid By Shipper: Thomasholmes will invoice you for these shipments.

Shipment Incentive Summary

  • If you use the incentive program, this report details the incentive refunded on each shipment. Incentive amounts are added only to PPA (Prepaid and Add) freight shipment types.
  • Incentives are also refunded to the party that is invoiced for the shipment, so if you selected an alternate bill-to for a shipment, Thomasholmes will invoice the alternate bill-to that party, and that party will receive the incentive refund.

Freight Shipment Activity Reports

Shipment Summary

The Shipment Summary Report displays the following:

  • Bill Number
  • Origin Name
  • Destination Name
  • Carrier
  • Shipper Reference
  • Consignee Reference
  • Shipment Type
  • Void Flag
  • Shipment Date
  • Pro Number
  • Tracking Information with Link
  • Weight
  • Rate

Extended Shipment Summary

  • Displays everything in the Shipment Summary report and also displays the origin and destination addresses along with their names.

Shipment Summary – Multiple Locations

  • Allows you to view one Shipment Summary Report for all of your locations. If you are not ured to view multiple locations, this report will be the same as the Shipment Summary Report.

Shipment Activity Report

  • Shipped by Shipper: You created these shipment records.
  • Shipped by Admin: Thomasholmes created these shipments for you.
  • Shipped by Others: These are shipments created by other shippers that selected you as the Alternate Bill-To party.
  • Paid by Others: These are shipments that will be invoiced Collect or 3rd party by the carrier, or shipments that Thomasholmes will invoice another party because you selected an Alternate Bill To party.

Shipment Activity by Direction

  • Displays your shipment history for a given date range, grouped by the direction of the shipment (outbound, inbound, or dropship).

Shipping Alternate Bill-To Shipment Activity

  • Displays the details of your shipments along with the alternate bill-to party for the shipment.

Inbound Receiving Report

  • Displays inbound shipments that are expected to arrive at your facility within the selected week, containing the same information as in the shipment summary report.

Small Package Freight Activity

This report details your small package shipping activity and displays the following data:

  • Master Tracking Number
  • Shipment Date
  • Tracking Information (click on the tracking link to track the shipment)
  • Bill Number
  • Customer Name (consignee)
  • Carrier
  • Service Level
  • Reference Numbers
  • Void Status
  • Shipment Type
  • Number of Packages
  • Shipment Weight
  • Declared Value
  • Incentive Amount
  • Rate
  • Shipping & Handling Charges

Claims Status Report

  • Displays the current Open/Closed/Pending status of carriers’ Loss and Damaged freight claims.


All reports are accessible within the Thomasholmes Rater; however, if you would like your dedicated freight management services customer rep to run these reports on your behalf, or you would like a custom report, please feel free to Contact Us.

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